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Located in the heart of West Hollywood’s Melrose shopping district, Chaotic Tattoo is the first black-owned tattoo shop in the history of Hollywood. Owned by the internationally respected, Turk Jones, we have an eclectic team of artists that specialize in everything from American traditional, fine line design & blackwork, just to name a few styles as well as body piercings with a bright selection of jewelry options. Chaotic Tattoo is a walk~in shop so feel free to come in and explore our unique world of tattooing.

In-House Artists

Tattoo Artist

Paris is a skilled female tattoo artist known for her vibrant color work, fine line detail, and traditional style. Her unique creative vision combines classic and contemporary elements, creating personalized and meaningful designs that resonate with clients.


Body Piercer and Tattoo Artist

Bio coming soon.

Body Piercer and Tattoo Artist

Meet our versatile tattoo artist with 10 years of experience, fluent in Turkish, and passionate about color old school, black work, and trash polka styles. They blend creativity with precision to craft tattoos that tell stories and evoke emotions, from timeless tradition to contemporary innovation.


Tattoo Artist

Bio coming soon.

Turk Jones @turk.joness

Tattoo Artist and Studio Owner

Turk brings over 20 years of tattooing experience, mastering a wide range of styles effortlessly. His friendly demeanor shines bright in West Hollywood and beyond the tattoo community. Whether you crave bold old school traditional or delicate fine-line work, Turk's expertise ensures your vision becomes reality.


The Rave Dentist


Tooth Gems and Teeth Whitening 

As a skilled Tooth Gem Artist and Teeth Whitening Technician, Lauren specializes in creating unique tooth gem designs and providing professional teeth whitening services. Her passion lies in boosting clients' confidence through exceptional artistry and top-notch customer service, ensuring each appointment concludes with a radiant, confident smile.



Mariel @diosaparaisa

Tattoo Apprentice

Bio coming soon.

Body Piercer and Tattoo Apprentice

Hey there! I'm Shawna, aka Moussie Mousse, your go-to Tattoo Therapist. I bring the laughs and the ink you love. Let's hang out and bond over your next tattoo obsession from Yours Truly.


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